Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Personal drawings

this was a piece I did of my friend's baby, Abbey  Grace

these are my friend's Amy and Donna 

this is an image i drew for a Drawing Exhibition some students set up at my university, it is of Audrey Hepburn 
I left the left hand side of the face open to leave the viewer wondering what is meant to be there, this is what I have been looking at with my drawings; leaving the portrait open for the viewer to finish off who the image is of to them 

these are just drawings I felt like doing of a skull from pirates of Caribbean 
then a santa for a christmas card 

found photo's and paintings

in my first year at NUCA I looked at found photo's, and the unexpected expressions created by people and captured to keep a record of them

these are a few smaller paintings i did from the found photo's
it was intriguing creating the facial expressions on the smaller canvas, because there is less surface area compared to what i usually work on 

painting task

 this painting is on a unusual surface
 this painting is small enough to fit into your pocket
 this painting was of an animal

 this painting covers every side of the wood

this painting is longer then my arm span 

it was interesting to have the tasks set, it gave me an idea of what my painting technique was like and what i enjoyed to paint
the last painting was my favourite, taking the different unusual facial expressions that shock because of the actual image but also the size