Sunday, 31 October 2010

early works

this is one of my first paintings i did at 6th form, it is of my best friend jasmin showing the transformation of her eyes closed to opened
it was the first time i used different colours to show the tonal ranges in the face, doing this image is what really got me interested in portraiture

these are a few more paintings, looking at people and animals
the last one is of my first life drawing, i remember it very well giggling with my friends cos there was a naked lady (young and immature- YES)
but it felt so free just looking at this lady and having specific times to draw what you see, just letting your paint brush take other and creating movements within my paint brushes

the four images above are from a large child's mobile i did whilst on my foundation
it represented:
-children's venerability to today's world, with so many more child deaths due to gangs and crime
-how the world looked so pretty on the outside but poverty and war was occurring
-how people at war were trapped and lost
there was toy soldiers behind chicken wire in a black ball like a black whole, a sparkly silver outside to one of the balls with the bottom three images above inside and a Mickey Mouse created from a camouflage of guns on the last ball with the top image inside
with this piece i really started experimenting with both media's and reasons behind my work

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